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Grave Clobber
Grave Grave Grave Grave
Clobber Clobber Clobber Clobber
A Watery Grave Awaits!
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Grave Clobber was once a great pharaoh who ruled the Golden Desert long ago.

That was until his seven jealous brothers buried him in an underwater tomb while he was sleeping. But the remaining brothers still fought among themselves, and their infighting ultimately led to their kingdom falling apart and the family name being lost forever… almost. Because Grave Clobber eventually rose from his watery grave, and when he discovered what his brothers had done to their kingdom, he hunted each of them down and clobbered them. This was how he came to the attention of the Golden Queen, who now ruled the desert herself. She recruited Grave Clobber into her gang of Doom Raiders, but when the Skylanders defeated them once and for all, Master Eon thought that perhaps there was more to this mummy than meets the eye. He gave the old pharaoh a chance for redemption, and since nobody clobbered better than Grave Clobber, he was the perfect choice to be a Sensei trainer for the Brawler Class.

Compatible with:
  • Imaginators