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Steel Plated Hood Sickle
Steel Plated Steel Plated Steel Plated Steel Plated
Hood Hood Hood Hood
Sickle Sickle Sickle Sickle
Any Last Words?
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At first glance, it’s easy to be frightened by Hood Sickle.

Some say it’s his imposing stature that freaks them out. Others are unnerved by his menacing hood. But most just try to stay away from his long, sharp scythe – and it didn’t help that he had a bad habit of disappearing and then suddenly popping up behind unsuspecting people. In fact, the Trap Masters that locked him away in Cloudcracker Prison hoped they would never have to see him again. But Master Eon thought there might be a chance for Hood Sickle to change his ways. Everyone said Eon was crazy, but after spending time with the mysterious creep, Eon learned that Hood Sickle was actually not a bad guy – just really super spooky. Hood Sickle took his job of terrifying others very seriously, and Eon believed that perhaps he could bring a similar dedication to teaching others as a Sensei. Plus, he figured that Skylanders in training would certainly pay attention in his classes. This has all proven true, and Hood Sickle now teaches Sentinel Imaginators, who definitely hang on his every word. Or else.

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