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Dark Golden Queen
Dark Dark Dark Dark
Golden Golden Golden Golden
Queen Queen Queen Queen
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A powerful sorceress made entirely of gold and riches

beyond your wildest imagination. She’d trade her entire fortune for just a little more. But why trade when you can steal? So that’s what she did. She stole, and stole, and stole! No matter how much she took though, it was never enough. Through evil sorcery, she even learned how to turn people and objects into solid gold! Yet STILL, that just wasn’t enough. The idea that there was any amount of treasure out in Skylands that didn’t belong to her was infuriating, so she set out on a quest to take every last cent of it. But she couldn’t do it alone. It was then that she formed the Doom Raiders - the most notorious group of Villains ever assembled – declaring herself their unquestioned leader. Together, the Doom Raiders terrorized Skylands until Master Eon and the Trap Masters put a stop to them, locking all them up inside Cloudcracker Prison. Eon then gave these Villains a choice – either remain imprisoned or become Skylander Senseis, teaching a new generation of Imaginators their formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime. They accepted the deal but first had to prove themselves by re-arranging all the books in the Academy’s library, a task which took almost two years, and much to the Queen’s dismay, had nothing to do with gold. But this gave her an opportunity to rethink her insatiable desire for treasure and that maybe there is more to life than stealing. She now trains the Sorcerer Class and considers herself mostly reformed.

Compatibel met:
  • Imaginators