Play All Three Games

The world of Skylands is way too big for any one game! Go on a different amazing adventure in each of the three games: Skylanders SWAP Force, Skylanders Giants, and Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.

Swappable. Unstoppable.

For generations, the SWAP Force protected the volcano that replenishes Skylands’ magic. That is until they were caught in a powerful eruption that blasted them apart. Only you can mix and match their tops and bottoms, put them on the Portal of Power™ and save Skylands.

Big new crew. Big new adventure.

The Giant Skylanders fought epic battles in Skylands, but were banished to Earth. With a new threat looming, it's time to bring them back to join forces with the Skylanders to defeat KAOS. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power™ to unleash their strength in the ultimate battle to save Skylands!

The Skylanders adventure starts here!

The evil tyrant KAOS is threatening to destroy Skylands. Only you can bring the Skylanders to life-unlocking their special powers and abilities-by placing them on the Portal of Power™!


The Skylanders franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed in video games history. But don't take our word for it -- check out the rave reviews:

"Skylanders SWAP Force delivers almost everything fans could want."


"The series' best so far"

— Associated Press

"Activision already set the standard for this emerging genre with the first two Skylanders. With Swap Force, it has set a new one."

— Wall Street Journal

"4 out of 4"

— USA Today

"Global powerhouse"

— New York Times

"The best Skylanders game yet"

— Forbes