What is Skylanders™?

Skylanders SWAP Force is the sequel to Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Spyro's Adventure—the critically acclaimed games where toys come to life! In Skylanders SWAP Force, the rich mythology of Skylands continues, engaging audiences with the innovative SWAP Force Skylanders, an all-new story, new puzzles to solve, and new discoveries that will fire the imagination.

Get started

Getting into Skylanders SWAP Force is easy. All you need is a Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack, which includes:
- The video game, available for PlayStation® 3, PlayStation® 4, Xbox 360®, Xbox One®, Nintendo Wii™,Wii U™ or Nintendo 3DS™.
- The Portal of Power™, which allows kids to 'Bring Toys to Life' by teleporting real-world toys directly into the game for players to control when placed upon it.
- Two SWAP Force Skylanders—mix and match tops and bottoms for new in-game powers and abilities—plus one new Series 3 Skylander figure.
- Three secret codes, to unlock Skylanders characters in the Skylanders mobile games.
- Three collectible trading cards.
- One collector's poster, with stickers for each character included.


Skylanders SWAP Force is fully compatible with virtually all the figures—so all the experiences invested in the first game will continue in the new one! Here’s a snapshot of all the compatible figures in the game:

Raves & Reviews

The franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed in video game history. But don’t take our word for it—check out the rave reviews from all across the web:

"Skylanders SWAP Force delivers almost everything fans could want."


"The series' best so far"

— Associated Press

"Activision already set the standard for this emerging genre with the first two Skylanders. With Swap Force, it has set a new one."

— Wall Street Journal

"4 out of 4"

— USA Today

"Global powerhouse"

— New York Times

"The best Skylanders game yet"

— Forbes

What to get for your kid

All you need for endless adventure and magic is a gaming system and a Starter Pack, which comes with three of the unique, quirky heroes known as Skylanders.